Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Great Tool to Know Everything About Your Mobile Broadband Data Consumption

vnstat is the greatest tool I have discovered so far to monitor nearly everything related to data downloaded and uploaded through your network interfaces. It is most useful if you use a mobile broadband connection.

Not only does it give you the amount of data you have downloaded or uploaded so far, it also estimates the amount you will consume by the end of the month, if you keep the same consumption rates, based on some methods in statistics.

vnstat is available in the official Ubuntu repositories. You can get it by running
sudo apt-get install vnstat
It is an extremely light package.

Using it is not a big deal and I am pretty sure you will not find any trouble getting familiar with it. You can check your data consumption by simply running

However, you can always check its manual for more advanced features by running
man vnstat

Here is an example of the the output you get by running vnstat. ppp0 is usually the mobile broadband interface.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remotely Control a LibreOffice Impress Presentation Using an Android Device

I just discovered that it is possible to remotely control your LibreOffice Impress slides, use a laser pointer and do much more awesome things remotely with your Android device.

The app you need to install to do this is called LibreOffice Impress Remote. Google play says that is comes from The Document Foundation, which means that it is official. Start by installing it.

The next thing to do is to open your LibreOffice Impress, go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice Impress → General then enable Remote control. You may need to restart your LibreOffice Impress after this.

Now, Connect to your computer via you Android device.

I only tried this using Bluetooth, I didn’t try it using Wi-Fi.

The fella in the video on the app’s Google Play page explains all this pretty clearly (That video is not from Youtube, I don’t know how to embed it here, you can watch it there)